Yellowstone- Day 2

Day 10

We woke up and packed up our tent and ate a light breakfast at the campsite. My assessment of the campsite is that it’s a nice enough campsite. It’s wooded like many of the campsites we visited in Texas Piney Woods or the Hill Country. After Jenny Lake, the scenery just wasn’t as nice.

After we packed up, we went to the Canyon Visitor Center. They have some really great exhibits. In fact, each of the visitor centers in Yellowstone are unique and talk about different aspects of the park. There was a ranger outside giving a morning ranger talk about different wildlife at the park.

Next, went toward the Mammoth Hot Springs part of the park. We stopped along Norris Geyser Basin first.


It was a short stop and we continued towards Mammoth Hot Springs. Once we reached there, we had a picnic lunch on a park bench by the visitor center. It was quite crowded and we were lucky to find a place to park and a bench to eat at. Once we were done eating, we went inside the visitor center. This visitor center had lots of great information on the history of Yellowstone as a park. The visitor center was quite crowded so we didn’t spend too much time here.

We filled up gas and stopped at the Upper Terrace area. By this time, my youngest was “not feeling the amusement” of seeing another geothermal site. I decided to stay in the car with him as hubby and the other two went and checked out the upper terrace and took pictures.

Then, we headed to Lamar Valley. we had rented a cabin at the Roosevelt Lodge area of the park. It was a cute cabin with four beds and a sink. It was nicely decorated and had really cute teddy bear soaps. We collected them at Old Faithful as well and bought extras as souvenirs for friends back home.

The cabin didn’t have a bathroom, but there was one with showers walking distance. There was a quaint little creek that ran by the cabin as well.

I had originally wanted to sign up for horseback riding, but my youngest was five and under the age limit. So instead, we signed up for a stagecoach ride and dinner. You have to reserve these ahead of time and it’s a little pricey. I cut costs in other parts of the trip, like picnic lunches, tent camping and cabins without bathrooms to splurge on things like this.


It was another activity that my kids absolutely loved. The stables are right next to the Roosevelt lodge, though it’s not connected. You have to exit the lodge and godown the road just a bit.

The stagecoach drivers will let kids sit up front. On the way there, my daughter sat up front, my son wanted to stay with us. There’s a driver and a guide. He or she will tell you stories about the park on the way to the dinner site.



Once at the dinner site, you are treated to a steak dinner. You can also go and pet the horses. It ended up pouring on our way out and of course, I left the raincoats in the cabin! Always come prepared!


We still had fun. We picked a table to sit at that was covered and the rain soon stopped and we had a great time.

There’s also cowboy coffee and a campfire. They’ll gather you around the campfire and tell you more stories. Finally it was time to head back.


Once we got back to the lodge, it had started raining again. It was a little gross walking through the rain to shower and change. Luckily, there’s a sink in the room to brush teeth.

Our plan for the next morning was to wake up super early and drive into Lamar Valley to see if we could see wildlife. So with bellies full of steak, we went to sleep.


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