Yellowstone- Day 4

On our final full day at Yellowstone, we decided to take things a bit slower. We grabbed breakfast at a grab and go shop downstairs in the lobby.

We took our bagels and coffee up to the viewing deck at Old Faithful. It was still pretty empty and we just sat and enjoyed the view waiting to see Old Faithful erupt. It was nice just enjoying the view and not rushing off like we normally do.

After breakfast, we piled into the car and drove down to see the Grand Prismatic. It was late in the morning, around 10am, and we paid for the late start by having to deal with traffic and hordes of tourists on the boardwalk. The Grand Prismatic was beautiful, but walking through crowds ruined the experience a bit.

To avoid the crowds and get a better view of all the colors, a better option might have been to hike the Fairy Falls Trail. When we were there, the parking lot for the trailhead was closed for repair. We might have been able to access the trail otherwise, but we didn’t look or ask.


We headed back to the Old Faithful visitor center. At Yellowstone, not only can you participate in the junior ranger program, but you can also participate in the junior scientist program. You have to buy the book for a small fee but they loan you a bag with all this cool scientist gear. Sometimes you can join a ranger program and do it as a group.  We weren’t able to make it to that and decided to just do it on our own.

They kids enjoyed doing the projects. The teenager went on a hike on a trail near Old Faithful to take pictures while the younger two finished their project.

I had read in a couple of tour books that there is an area people can go swimming. Unfortunately, the swimming area was not open.

Closer to the evening, we went back to Hayden Valley to see if we could see any wolves. There were groups with scopes set up. There had been one spotted earlier. We were out for about an hour but didn’t see a wolf though the mosquitoes were out in full force. The youngest was getting restless so we packed up but vowed to return.

The next day we ate a big breakfast at Old Faithful Lodge and headed out for a day long drive to Kalispell, Montana.

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