It’s Out!

Happy election day to everyone! First of all, if you haven’t voted, please go out and vote! If you are reading this blog, that means, you have access to Internet. That means you can look online for your correct voting location as well as research candidates online.

Next, I am excited to announce that my first travel piece was published by Outdoor X4 magazine. It’s a travel essay chronicling our family’s road trip last year through the national parks. I’m grateful to the publisher and editor-in-chief, Frank Ledwell, for taking a chance on me.

cover photo
My story is the National Park Adventure!

My day job for years has been working as a reporter covering everything from power markets in theMidwest to the Louisiana legislature. But outside this blog, I haven’t done much writing on the outdoors. I truly love be outdoors, and I hope to share that love with others and inspire them. I didn’t grow up going camping (though we did a ton a road trips and went on picnics and fishing trips), so the first time was overwhelming. But camping is something almost anyone can enjoy. It’s only by immersing ourselves in the outdoors can we appreciate how important these places are.


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